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The Profession
The efforts towards clean air, water protection, noise abatement, waste management, pollution control and the likes requires new goods and services, creates many jobs. Environmental Science as a profession promises tremendous employments opportunities for environmental scientist, environmental engineers, environmental biologist & conservationist, environmental modelers and environmental journalists, Environmental (impact) Assessors and Environmental Managers.

Areas of Work
Environmental science is a broad term, incorporating various different activities. It can be applied in the following fields:

  • Industry

  • Research and development

  • Social Development

  • Environmental Journalism and Modeling

  • University & Collage Teaching (Lecturers & Professors).

Work of Environmental Scientist
An Environmental Scientist’s job is to utilize the knowledge of various principles and concepts of science and engineering disciplines, in order to protect and preserve the environment. Environmental scientists also conduct research studies in order to develop theories or methods of abating and controlling the sources of environmental pollution. The major tasks performed by environmental scientists consist mainly of proactive and research-oriented work. It may involves task like:

  • Administrative Tasks

  • Advisory Tasks

  • Protective Tasks

  • Consultative Tasks

Without knowing how much of an industrial chemical is being produced, it is almost impossible for scientists to determine if it poses any threat to the environment or human Health

Job Prospects
The horizons in this field are widening in Kenya as well as abroad. Environmental Scientists are employed by:

  • Communication and Telecommunication – Information Industry

  • Agricultural Industry

  • Forestry Resources Industry

  • Energy Sector

  • Education sector

  • Manufacturing Sector

  • Water Resources Industry

  • Waste treatment industries

  • Refineries

  • Distillers

  • Mines

  • Food processing industries (e.g sugar)

  • Textile mill

  • Ministry of Environment and Natural resources

  • Ministry of Wildlife

  • NGO’s like NEMA (National Environment Management Authority



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