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Dr. Sellah Kebenei
H.O.D Environmental & Life Sciences



Vision of the Department

To become a modern, locally and internationally recognized centre of excellence and research in Environmental sciences and Biological sciences

Mission of the Department

To attract qualified students to undertake courses in various fields of Environmental sciences and Biological sciences as well as attract researchers to carry out research projects in areas relevant to the Kenyan market. It is our aim to equip students and researchers with practical tools that will lead to employment both locally and internationally.


The Department incorporates Environmental Science, Biological sciences (Botany / Zoology) and Chemistry courses. The department has well developed laboratory facilities which are fitted with the state of the art technology. Our holistic approach to teaching and research, integrating physical, chemical, biological, social and geotechnical sciences into the study of natural and human environments, is truly a modern philosophy for the new millennium.

Academic Programs Undergraduate Programmes offered in the department are ;

  • BSc in Environmental Science ( 4 years)
  • BSc in Environmental Science with Business Management(4 years)
  • BSc in Environmental Science with Information Technology (4 years)
  • BSc in Chemistry (4 years)
  • BSc in Botany (4 years)
  • BSc in Zoology ( 4 years)

Postgraduate Programmes by Research only (3 years)

  • Ph. D. In Environmental Science (Engineering or Technology or Management option)

Masters Programmes in the pipe line (2 years)

  • MSc in Environmental Science (Engineering or Technology or Management option)
  • M.Sc. in Public Health
  • M.Sc in Environmental Science and Management
  • M.Sc in Developmental Studies

Upcoming B.Sc. programmes 4 years

  • BSc. in Clinical Medicine and Community Health
  • BSc. in Nursing
  • BSc. in Pharmacy
  • Bsc. in Environmental Health
  • Diploma in Clinical Medicine and Surgery
  • Diploma in Nursing and Community Health
  • Diploma in Pharmacy

Admission Requirements
A: Undergraduate Programme

  1. Applicants must have minimum entry requirements as specified by the rules and regulations of Kabarak University.
  2. In addition to the minimum entrance requirements of Kabarak University (overall C+ at KCSE) applicants must have:
    A minimum grade of C (C plain) in the following subjects:
    • Chemistry, Biology and English.
    • A pass in mathematics
    • Or equivalent qualifications.

B: Masters Programme

  • Admission shall be offered to holders of a Bachelor’s degree with at least an Upper Second Class Honors or above or equivalent qualification from institutions recognized by Kabarak University.
  • In exceptional cases, the Senate may also admit to the Masters Program candidates with lower second class honors but showing proven relevant research, professional and scholarly experience.
  • Subject to approval by the Senate, Departments may formulate regulations requiring applicants to have attained other academic qualifications as may be consistent with the goals of their Master’s programs. Candidates may be invited for interview to assess their suitability for admission.

There shall be three (3) options for the Master’s degree:

  1. Master’s Degree by Coursework, Examination and Thesis
    Under this option, candidates shall be required to do coursework, take examinations, conduct research, and submit a thesis at the end of their study program.
  2. Master’s Degree by Coursework, Examination and Project
    Under this option, candidates shall devote the entire period of study to taking prescribed courses, examinations and project.
  3. Master’s Degree by Research

C: Doctorial / Postgraduate Programme

Candidates wishing to pursue a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Thesis only option at Kabarak University must meet the following requirements:
Have appropriate preparatory academic training and preparation as evidenced by at least one of the following:

  1. Be a holder of a Master’s degree of Kabarak University
  2. Be a holder of a Master’s degree or equivalent academic qualification of any other recognized institution
  3. Fulfill specific requirements as may be stipulated by respective schools and departments with regard to the field of study.

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