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The Pre- University Programme is specifically designed for those students wanting to gain entrance to university but have not gained minimum entry requirement of C+ (C plus) needed for admission to any undergraduate degree programme. The programme is focused on students gaining necessary skills and knowledge to successfully integrate into the university degree system. The course covers a specific range of subjects depending on the degree programme a student selects.


The Principal aims of the pre-university programme are to build on students existing qualifications, to extend and deepen their knowledge and understanding of the fundamentals of cluster subjects needed for the degree programme of their choices and to enable them to enroll for degree programmes at Kabarak University and any other institutions of higher learning


Applicants must have a KCSE minimum mean grade of C (C plain) or equivalent. In addition applicants should have obtained at least grade C (C plain) in the cluster of subjects required for respective degree programme the applicant wishes to enrol.


The course duration is one year and students enrolled for Pre-university Programme will be able to complete the course in one academic year consisting of two seventeen week semesters


The Pre-university programme is run in Three Semester blocks starting in January, May and September of each year. Applicants who wish to be considered for admission in any block must apply before the deadlines shown below.

January intake Application deadline December 15th

May intake Application deadline April 15th

September intake Application deadline August 15th


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