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Home Bridging Course


This course is primarily intended for students who have qualified to join university by attaining a minimum grade of C+ (PLUS) in Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) but cannot be admitted into a degree programme because they do not have the required grade in a certain subject area. The course also caters for students wishing to undertake Diploma courses. The Bridging course enables a student to upgrade his/her KCSE grade and hence obtain the correct subject combination grades for a degree / diploma programme


  • To assist the student acquire and understand the basic principles of their subject of study in order to build a solid foundation for advanced courses in Sciences, Business and Arts.

  • To strengthen the students’ skills and capacity in the subject.

  • To enable the student attain the minimum requirements for tertiary education.

  • Inculcate in the learner a positive attitude towards the subject and towards learning in general.

  • Service to the community.

Admission Requirements

A minimum mean grade of C+ at KCSE for those wishing to proceed to undergraduate degree programmes. KCSE mean grades lower than C+ may also be accepted for students wishing to proceed to Diploma and Certificate programmes in Kabarak or other institutions

Course Structure

The bridging course is a two month intensive programme. Learning starts in the first week and the examinations are done in the eighth week. The course covers different unique modules in the respective subject area with an aim of enabling the student appreciate the various facets of the subject they are bridging in. Normally a student takes five modules for each subject they are bridging in.


Upcoming Programs

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